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Introducing The RollBox system

  • RollBox is a box for accumulate points (RollPoints).
  • RollPoint is a point from the system that generates commission for you.
  • RollCoach is a commission for the sponsor that invites you. He/she will receive this commission after you complete your RollBox.

After you upgrade your account, You will receive RollBox and 10 points (RollPoints) to accumulate points. Whenever your RollBox has more points and reaches to 100 points that makes your RollBox complete. You will receive $20 commission and your sponsor will receive $5 for RollCoach.

The System will Generate the RollBox for you and give 40 Points (RollPoints) to your Sponsor.

Remember: After you upgrade your account you will have 10 Points at your RollBox. When you invite your friend to join and he/she upgrades his/her account you will receive 40 Points. After he/she complete his/her RollBox, System will generate new RollBox for them and give you again 40 Points and you’ll also receive $5 for RollCoach.

The Ad Roll Box Never Stops it Re-Generates Over & Over Again!

RollPoints may be earned in several ways. And in the basics as followed.

  • When the member is sponsored by you, and Upgrades his/her account, you will receive 40 RollPoints and receive 40 RollPoints again when his/her RollBox is completed.
  • When you complete RollBox and Re-Generate a New RollBox you will Receive Extra 10 RollPoints.
  • When you purchase advertising credits, you will receive RollPoints depending on the amount you purchase.
  • When the system or other members have special offers.

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  • Get paid 50% od commission up to 10 Tiers.
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